September 19, 2011

Masterpiece Monday: Padima Wrap FO

Do you hear that?  Are those trumpeters proclaiming the wonder of my latest FO?  I think so!

It only took me 4 1/2 months of knitting every time I was in the car (including 24 hours of car time for trips to Florida!), spare moments after work, entire afternoons in the final hours of my summer vacation, Saturday morning knitting club hours, and a few late nights in front of the TV which resulted in ... you guessed it ... a whole lot of tearing it out and having to re-knit those precious rows I had just accomplished.  But IT'S FINALLY DONE!

I give you the Padma Wrap, knit in a Christmas red hand-dyed (by Zibeline Knits) jewel tone superwash fingering weight merino on a US 7 needle.  The original pattern came off of the Vogue Knitting website and was designed by John Brinegar.  It called for a US 5, and if I had followed those directions, well, I'd probably still be knitting.  This shawl required approximately 880 yards.

Here's a link to the pattern if you are feeling adventurous:  Padma Wrap.  It took me about 7 inches worth of knitting to get into the groove and get the pattern memorized; then it was an automatic kind of knitting for me.  The pattern is actually pretty easy once you get it down.  For me, though, it became one of those Penelope and her shroud projects that felt like it would never get done.  Finished and blocked, it is 62 inches long and 26 inches wide.  Sorry that the pictures aren't better.  Not sure what's up with my camera lately.

I hope that my friend will cherish this wrap for forever, and then leave it to me in her will.  It's truly gorgeous and I am very pleased with myself over this FO.


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