April 22, 2011

FO: Traveling Woman Shawl

Drum roll please ...  Ta Dah!  The Traveling Woman Shawl in my Zibeline Knits Mermaid colorway is finally finished. 

You know, I guess I lucked out--or maybe not--because when I started this pattern, it was free.  When I finished this pattern, it was not free.  I say that maybe I didn't luck out because I spent so much time trying to get the first row of the first chart right that I could have knit two of these babies.  The math didn't make sense--no matter how carefully I followed the directions, I ended up with two many stitches.  Finally, after the 6th or 7th time of tearing it down and starting over, I altered the directions of the pattern for the first row of chart A and then was able to move on through.  Maybe the pattern that has to be paid for his this problem worked out.

At first, the chart was a quick knit--once I got to the 5th chart A repeat, it started to become very time consuming with so many stitches to count through.  I could have done 6 chart A repeats before doing chart B, it turns out. The pattern, as written, called for more yardage than I actually used with my Australian merino in my Mermaid colorway--it called for 389 yards with four repeats of chart A.  I really like the weight of the shawl in the merino--anything heavier and I think I would have been a bit disappointed at the invisibility of the pattern.  This merino blocked very nicely, I think.  Although, I have determined that I am going to have to get some new blocking wires if I am going to any more lace--either longer wires or more of them.  Certainly, I need more blocking pins.

So, on to the two next projects, an improvised top-down short-sleeved cardi for Rocket and the Autumn Vines Beret for the YOTH KAL that I joined. I need to get that in gear--so many people just jumped right in that I am afraid I will be the last one finished!  Off to cast on!


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