April 05, 2011

The Doll Rescuer

Rocket, who is 7 years old, can't go to a yard sale, garage sale, antique mall, or thrift store without having to rescue a doll.  She doesn't even really intend to play with them, and she isn't trying to collect them.  She just can't stand to leave a doll behind--kind of like how soldiers never leave a man behind in battle.  So, we went to Good Will last Friday night, just because we donate the kids' clothes there, and we had discovered this one was much closer to the place where we usually donate.  We went in, at about 20 minutes to closing time, just to get the hours, etc. and for me to browse the sweaters--you never know what yarn is waiting to be recycled.  It didn't take her 10 minutes to find  doll that required rescuing, RIGHT NOW!  For $2.25, and despite the bad haircut at the back of the head--maybe it came that way or maybe a child got into grandma's doll collection with a pair of scissors and off to Good Will it went--I don't know.  It doesn't even have a name that I am aware of.  However, it now has a pretty dang cute cardigan sweater!!

If you are into making doll sweaters for little baby dolls (12-12.5 inches), you ought to try out this free and super easy pattern that I found via Ravelry.  The pattern, Little Kina,  is originally in French, but Ravelry has a translated version that works like a charm!  I wonder how this would translate to sweaters for preemies ...


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