March 23, 2011

Spinning success!

You know how, when you have multiple projects going--an unconscious TV-watching project, a little cable something, some lace, and maybe a moderately difficult something or other--and you get to that point where all of a sudden ALL of your projects turn on you?  I found that point last Thursday.  ALL of my projects apparently decided to rebel on the same day. Didn't matter what I turned to, row after row had to be ripped out--in some cases, the entire chart!  Although knitting is supposed to be a stress-reliever, there are those times when it is more stressful to knit than to quietly shut the door to the knitting room and walk away.  So, what does one do when one hits that frogging rut?  Why, spin of course!

I had been impatiently awaiting the arrival of 25 oz of South American wool--so dang soft that you wouldn't believe it with super duper long staple length and a no fuss attitude.  Finally, it arrived on Friday, just in time to quell my knitting crisis blues.  So, I spun up three awesome skeins of various yardage.  And then I thought, "now what?"  Well, it took some convincing of my self, but I took the plunge and, for the first time ever, dyed my own handspun.  I am pleased as punch about how they turned out!  See for yourself:

Tulip Garden

Blue Skies


These turned out so well (Hydrangea is my favorite!) that it makes me think that I might actually be able to convince myself NOT to spend all of my spare pennies in the market at Stitches South in April.  Well, maybe just not spend SOME of my spare pennies … I am sure I am going to need some kind of "souvenir".  I was thinking some of that milk-based or corn-based yarn.  Anyone knit with that before?


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