March 13, 2011

Please vote for me!!!!

Please go to Knitting Daily's Colorplay Readers' Challenge and vote for my Harmony Scarf!  It was designed specifically for this contest using four colors (orchid, spring green, canteloupe, and blueberry) of Tahki Stacey Charles' Cotton Classic.  A quick knit, knit length-wise on circular needles, this pattern will be available some time after the contest ends on April 1st if I win this contest.

The winning creation receives 40 skeins of Cotton Classic or Cotton Classic Lite, and I would REALLY LOVE to be that winner.  So, please, vote from every computer you can find!  Every person who enters automatically employs Tahki Stacey Charles in donating to the Susan G. Komen foundation on behalf of that entry, which is absolutely fantastic, as well.

P.S.  Although I hadn't intended it to be that way, the pattern is apparently available for download when you vote for my scarf; so if you want it, please vote for me!


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