February 21, 2017

New Pattern Release: Ripple Socks!!!

There's a sexy new sock pattern in town and it's the Ripple Socks pattern!

You know, one of the most difficult patterns to find, even with all of the bazillion patterns out there, is a sock pattern that doesn't get swallowed up by the random patterning of hand dyed and indie dyed yarns.  Am I right?! Yes, I am.

With that in mind, I have spent the last few months designing these socks, the pattern for which has been rolling around in the back of my mind for years and years.  Personally, I love a little waviness, but every time I've searched for a sock pattern that uses this particular shell pattern, I couldn't find one.  Of course, that meant I just needed to sit down and write one, myself.

The coolest thing about this pattern, besides its sexy waves and eyelets, is the fact that the stitch pattern is actually stretchy.  Unlike most lace or cable patterns where you find the fit to be a bit tighter than anticipated, this pattern actually works with your foot's individuality.  Consequently, you will find that the sizing in the pattern is limited to two primary sizes; however, the reality is that the pattern actually fits four sizes.

Another thing about this pattern that makes it unique is the fact that I have taken into account that people knit socks using a variety of methods.  Consequently, you will find written instructions for DPNs, independent circulars, and two-at-a-time Magic Loop. That's right, THREE different sets of directions are included in this pattern!

You can download your own copy of this pattern on Cedar Hill Farm Co., RavelryCraftsy.

And, definitely a special thanks goes to my daughter Kaelin, who is definitely the best knitwear model out there! 

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