February 25, 2016

Pay It Forward

It is rare that I take the time on my blog to promote a total stranger's efforts.  I know. That sounds awful, doesn't it? I think it's because this isn't one of those blogs that interviews people and reviews products.  I like to keep it simple around here.  With that being said, I have to tell you, whether you knit socks or not, to go to Ravelry and buy this pattern: Fish Lips Kiss Heel by SoxTherapist (Rav ID).  First, if you don't knit socks, you are going to want this pattern because it's inevitable that if you knit, you will learn to knit socks.  Second, if you already knit socks, then you know that knitting the same 'ol heel is tedious. People ask me all the time about this type of heel that they have heard about from somewhere in the sock classes I teach. It's $1. Your reference library needs this.

But most importantly, I want you to buy this because SoxTherapist has stage 3 breast cancer and this is her way of raising money to get all of her family together one last time before things get any worse.  I hope that she survives, but in the case where she doesn't, buying this pattern is the least any of us can do.  It's $1.

This is not the type of pattern that can only be used once for one sock pattern.  It's just like a Dutch heel or a French heel or a Short Row heel ... substitute it for the heel that bores you.

I can't imagine that there's one of us out there that hasn't been affected in some way by cancer.  Cancer is the new "6 degrees of separation". Everyone in my family dies of cancer--well, except me because I have decided that I will not and I believe completely in the power of the mind over matter.  I've also lost irreplaceable friends to cancer.  I've lost co-workers to cancer. I've knit blankets for friends whose loved ones were dying of cancer or who was going through chemo and could never get warm enough. And now I'm buying a pattern.

You should pay it forward and buy one, too.

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