September 05, 2015

The First Fleece

It's here! It's here! The very first yarn ever produced by Cedar Hill Farm Company sheep.  I could die with happiness right now!

Meet Single Sheep, our single-spun, 400 yards/100 grams, fingering weight yarn (comparable to Madeline Tosh Light). This 100% wool yarn is a blend of Corriedale, Finn, and a whole lot of sheep attitude! Kettle dyeing seemed most appropriate for this line, and it will debut in Natural, Mossy, Cinnamon Stick, Still Waters, Crocus, and Dahlia.

Although Blanche, Stella, and Oliver (RIP) are primarily responsible for these gorgeous, first run skeins, I have to also give props to my husband and my children who, despite thinking that I'm just a little bit nuts most days of the week, have supported me in bringing this little pipe dream to fruition.  Could not have done it without them. This yarn is soft with a light sheen and deep lustre that gives a complex depth to the dyes. Think shawls, lace scarves, gloves, and berets.

I will be taking most of the lot to the Georgia FiberFest next week, although a bit will be kept behind because there's a project brewing in my mind. If there's any left after the show, it'll go into the online shop.  But then, sadly, that will be it until next year about this time.

Bright side: the flock has tripled so there will be two different types of yarn coming back from the mill next September--Stanley & the boys will be something light and silky and the girls will provide a repeat of this year's Single Sheep.

I wasn't super thrilled with the mill that we used this year, so I may be seeking out something further north with more experience with spinning wool. Consequently, I can only estimate that we will have a second batch around September of next year.

And there we have it. Check one life's goal off of the bucket list!

Hope to see you at the Georgia FiberFest next week. You can't miss me; I'm right at the front door. :)

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