July 09, 2015

Let's spin!

Although the week is about over, this past week has been the Tour de Fleece (which coincides intentionally with the Tour de France in case you aren't a spinner ... yet!). Admittedly, I have not participated this year. I've been busy with sheep, farm, garden, dyeing, shipping orders, grading essays for the PARCC test, hanging out with my daughter, and knitting some behind-the-scenes stuff for the book that a friend and I have in the works. But, TODAY I have made it easier for you to participate in Tour de Fleece because look at all of these beauties (plus a few more) that are now available in the shop!

Water Lily
Window Box
Canyon View
Cotton Candy

Monster Mash
Each 100% superwash merino top braid is either 3.8 oz or 4.0 oz, has been hand painted one at a time, is dyed with eco-friendly acid dyes that are fixed so you don't have that annoying dye transfer to your hands while spinning, and is SUPER lofty and squishy.  Dare I say, your next favorite roving is waiting for you to spin it up?

You might not believe it, but these were a tag-team effort between myself and my daughter who, by the way, has quite an eye for color.  This was a new experience for Rocket, and we had a blast!  I'm not allowed to going to show you pics of the dyeing process ("OMG mom! Don't post those! I'll be so embarrassed!") with Rocket, my soon-to-be pre-teen, so I will just show you the pre-dyeing pics of our wanna-be helper Otis.

So stop on by my online shop if you are in the mood to shop and spin.  And if it's natural, undyed fiber that you're in the mood for, well check back next week because a TON of drum carded alpaca and llama blended batts are going to be available.

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