February 24, 2015

The FOs are piling up!

With all this dreary, crazy, make-a-girl-have-to-stay-inside-and-knit winter weather that we have been subjected to lately, I've managed to whip out a few FOs.  Unfortunately, my most amazing FO will have to wait for its reveal until I find out whether or not it will be picked up by a magazine, but in the meantime, I can share these Hiker Chick socks made in Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock (color way is Sugar Shack)

and these Sportswoman Fingerless Gloves that I made in my Rocket Sock Mad Hatter for my friend Whitney

and my version of Palazzo, knit in Noro King (the label says the color way is "Color No. 1, Lot B")

I've already started a new pair of Garden Gate socks for my March pair of socks, so more to come on that when I get enough cabling done to make for good pictures and I've gone back to that crescent shawl that I was working on in December/January so maybe I can get this sideways-knit edging done and have that to show off, as well.

And I leave you with a picture of this morning on the farm.  The animals are not happy and the sheep are particularly aggressive today. They have informed me that all this crazy weather (i.e. gale force winds that flip their 500+ lb. sheds, sleet, ice, torrential rain, below freezing one day and near 70 degrees F. the next, and now snow) was not part of the contract.  They would like Mother Nature to give them a break!  The horses and I share their sentiment.

Oliver, Stella, and Blanche


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