August 28, 2014

Whitby Place Hat & Cowl Pattern Release

I have been mentioning in the last few posts that my newest patterns,

would become available this week just in time for Autumn and holiday knitting.  Yesterday, the pattern made its debut on Craftsy and Ravelry.  Today it makes its debut here and in the Etsy shop.  
The pattern is named for the original source of the Whitby pattern that I chose--there are actually 8 different Whitby guernsey patterns to choose from thanks to the Scottish fishermen who once resided in Whitby in the county of Yorkshire, England.

This is my lovely model Kayla.  She was kind enough to volunteer for the job, and darn if I don't think now that she is so cute that one hardly notices the hat and cowl for her smile! (Thank you, Caley, for being my model!!!!)

The pattern(s) for this collection are the product of not having enough time to knit a gansey but being desperately in love with traditional fisherman gansey patterns.  The cable is from the Scarborough gansey pattern and the pseudo-Jacob's ladder is the Whitby gansey pattern.  Together, they are the Whitby Place Hat & Cowl pattern.  

This finished cowl measures 30 inches (circumference) by 15 inches (width) and the hat measures 20 inches (circumference) by 7.5 inches (height).  There are suggestions in the pattern, which includes both written instructions and a chart, for altering the dimensions for both the hat and the cowl.

I think this is the perfect weight of cowl to wear by itself in cool weather as a bit of a wind blocker or under your coat in cold, wintry weather to keep your neck and chest warm. This is a very easy pattern to knit and, since it's done in Cedar Hill Farm Company Flock 195 (3-ply worsted weight), it's a pretty quick knit.  I knit the hat in a few hours and the cowl over the course of about 4 days. Both pieces, total, require 410 yards of worsted weight yarn. Although the pattern was written with the female wardrobe in mind, done in a neutral color or a natural wool, this pattern would also be a stunning addition to the winter wardrobe of the man in your life.

And as a side note, I've also started blogging about new items as they arrive in the shop on one of my favorite sites:  Indie Untangled.  Check it out this weekend since you have nothing better but knitting to do with your extra day of holiday weekend.  I think you will fall in love with this fab site just like I did!

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