July 23, 2014

A perfect pair!

It was a rough start after the whole Mr. Pitt sock drama of the Spring months, and I ripped out about 3 sock patterns before I found the one that this Lorna's Laces in Edgewater wanted to be.  It turned out, the pattern for Sarah Wilson's Jekyll & Hyde Socks was the one this yarn was waiting to become. Coincidentally, these socks have been on my Ravelry queue for AGES.

It went smoothly.  So smoothly that this may be the very first pair EVER to be knit without either sock having a single mistake.  EVER.  I don't know if that makes them lucky socks or cursed socks.  I guess we will find out about November when the temperatures dip low enough to actually wear socks around the farm. It feels fantastic to have knit up a pattern that has been roosting in the back of my mind for so long, too.

There was one con to this pattern--and granted, I stopped following said pattern instructions when I reached the heel because I like my heels like I like my heels, and the same goes for the toes--and it was simply that I had done sooooooo many right twist stitches over the course of two socks that when it came time to decrease for the toes (and my heart did a little skip of excitement like it always does when I start the toe decreases!), I stopped at every K2tog and had the impulse to pick out the stitch and do a right twist, thinking "no, that's not right".

There was also the weird result in the patterning of these socks.  I was super careful to start the cast on in the same place in the colorway, and although it looks like I may have had one that was actually about 3 stitches different in the cast on stitch color pattern from the other, look how dramatically different the socks turned out!  Definitely one is Jekyll and one is Hyde.

You know what else is pretty cool about today?  I dyed yarn and it is a myriad of breathtaking colors! Tomorrow there will be new colorways of Eco, Gypsy, and Rocket Sock in the Etsy shop. And for those of you who have been pining for more of the Gypsy Grapevine, well there will be a bit more to love in the shop tomorrow.  See?

P.S. Blogger is at it again with changing the purples in my photos so the purple is really more of a "purple grape" than a "pink" in real life.  You'll see in the Etsy shop listing.


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