June 13, 2014

A rather anti-climactic ending

Mr. Pitt's socks are finished.

Don't let the small stature of the picture fool you.  The feet of these socks are 11.5 inches long with a foot circumference of approximately 10 inches.  The legs begin at 10 inches in circumference at the ankle and build to 11.5 inches.  I used 438 yards of yarn for this pair.

I hunkered down and knit the legs in two days.  They were finished on Tuesday and spent an entire day drying. I was irritated with how the cuffs turned out--just another reason why I will never knit another pair of socks toe, up. My husband was rather unenthusiastic about the completion of the sock project (from Hell).  I used Jeny's stretchy bind off method, which made the bind off edge floppy and ruffle-y, not manly or tightly elastic like a top-down cuff would be. This method finished these socks off EXACTLY the way I DID NOT WANT them to be finished.  C'est la vie.  That's how stupid toe-up socks are finished, apparently:  stupidly.

In the end, he said they were such a trial for everyone that he's just going to frame them.  He said they are too good to wear.  For a moment there I thought I could hear the gears grinding to a screeching halt in my brain and felt a mental shift in the direction of ... say ... violent crime.  Fortunately for all involved, I pulled it together and there they sit, on his desk, gathering dust (and I narrow my eyes at them every time I pass by).

Never again. Don't even ask me.

I am very glad to be finished with the misery of this project.  It allowed me to finish today the cardigan I designed and have been knitting up for submission. I wish I could show it off, but, alas, no. That will have to wait until another day.

That leaves me with the test-knit for the Knit Picks scarf pattern for next Spring's accessories pattern book and the Show-Off Stranded Socks that I cast on for this afternoon for myself (you had to know that it wouldn't be but a minute after I finished the man socks before I cast on for a long-overdue pair for myself), plus still working on that Nairi shawl.  I also have two Tunisian Entrelac blankets that need some one-on-one attention.   I had a brief thought that I would go all out and come up with a new sock pattern of my own, but I look out the knitting studio window at the garden that grows almost as much crab grass and brambles in-between rows as it does vegetables and I just know that I just need to follow someone else's directions for a while.

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