February 06, 2014

FO: Boy Socks

After telling me that he really just wanted a new beanie for Christmas and really didn't want socks at all … the truth came out!  Within minutes of my having handed over the ribbed socks that I finished in January to Scout #1 (I can't believe he turned 17 this week!!!), Scout #2 was dropping very clear hints that what he REALLY wanted was a new beanie AND a pair of socks.

I started these on the 28th of January.  I finished them today, which gives me a 9-day completion time.  I feel like I'm slowing down with the sock knitting, but I do have the excuse of having been sick with an unpleasant respiratory thing.  (Cough, cough!)

These socks are pretty darned excellent!  I knit them in Malabrigo Sock (my very favorite sock yarn company next to my own) in Cote D'Azure (807).  I had purchased this yarn for this project before Christmas, so since I didn't knit the socks as a Christmas gift, technically this yarn came from the stash.  That means that I am OBLIGED to shop for more yarn because now I have to replace stash yarn, right?

Take a good look at these pictures.  I am confident that, shortly, these pictures will be all that remains of these very expertly knit socks.  After all, the recipient is a teenage boy.

Let me tell you what happened to Scout #1's socks. (Whimper!)

He FELTED them!  FELTED!!!  The first time he wore them ... FELTED them.  Did I mention that he FELTED them?

Apparently, the consequences of warm, wet wool--superwash wool at that!--being exposed to the constant friction of moving feet on a hiking trail in boots that must be a little too big over the coarse of an entire day eluded my son.  When I discovered the felted balls of what used to be 20,000 stitches worth of socks, my eyes actually welled up with tears.  My son, bless his heart, seems rather unconcerned about the whole affair.  I washed and stretched them back into something resembling socks, so he figures that the felting is no big deal and he'll just wear them like that.  (Sigh.)  He is, of course, on knitted gift restriction until further notice.

So, this mama will not be surprised if the younger brother has the same general disregard for 8 days of knitting and 20,o00 tiny stitches.  I guess that's part of being the mama.


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