January 07, 2014

On a Tuesday

Monday (yesterday) was the occasion of the first FO of the new year, which was also one of the last COs of the old year: ribbed socks for Scout #1.

I think he was expecting them to be substandard to his thick boot socks.  But, later in the day, he exclaimed in surprise at how warm his feet were, even though they were thinner than his usual and we were working to secure the chickens and rabbits for the night in temps in the low 20s and wind chills in the single digits.  And boy howdy did we have some WIND!  I don't think I've been in wind that cold since I was a kid in Upper Michigan.  At one point, having gotten a few finger tips wet arranging the water bucket in the coop, I lost all feeling in my fingers.  You know you are in trouble when you have to run cold water over your fingers to warm them up! But, all is well and my fingers have been busily working on a new, impromptu project.

This morning, I watched the thermometer drop to 6 degrees F. at 7am.  6 degrees.  In Georgia.  You know, the "Peach State"?  No snow.  No ice.  Just 6 degrees.  Wind chill -11.  Since homes are not really insulated here for that kind of cold, and since the guy who fixed our air conditioning last summer STILL hasn't come to install the part for the emergency heat thingy that he took off, there was a husband/wife tag-team fireplace vigil that afforded me the opportunity to make significant process in the wee hours of the morning on this sweater. Our fireplace is huge.  As in somebody confused building a house with building a ski lodge, huge.  (15 feet across.)  This morning I'm tired, but it will be worth it if we don't have to go into debt over a massive electric bill for these few days of insanely cold weather.

My Tuesday morning project, which was actually started about 15 minutes after I finished those socks on Monday, is a short-notice baby shower gift.  I'm doing a Puerperium Cardigan in the "newborn" size.  Since the shower is on Sunday, next, and I received my invitation yesterday, I had to visit the stash for my materials.  I've elected to go with a natural extra fine baby alpaca sport.  It's a bit light, but alpaca tends to make up in warmth what it lacks in weight.

Buttons will be blue or green or not.  I'm still undecided.  I wish we had a button store around here.  Even the fabric stores, which are a considerable trek from here, have nada for buttons.  (Why is China the only place that a woman can get classy buttons these days?! ) I expect to have this cardi finished by the end of the day--it's too cold to do anything other than to sit and to knit and I am entertaining no arguments today about that fact. I only have about 3 inches on the body and then the sleeves.

The splendid thing about how quickly this is knitting up is that I'm positive that I will have enough time to also knit up something else.  Another of these cardis, perhaps, in a hand painted merino, or some snuggly baby alpaca socks to match. Also on the fence about this.


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