May 13, 2013

FO: Shur'tal Socks with Modifications

Despite this just-kill-me-now cold that I have had for the last two weeks on top of allergies [there has been pollen coating (think 5000 pollen particles per square inch) my car, my house, and everything else here for the last 4 weeks, at least, and it still keeps coming] and the hub-bub of the remodeling on the new house (located an hour from where we currently live) in between the kids' school hours, the Honey's office hours, my 24-7 yarn business, and stupid car problems, you would think that there would be no time for knitting socks.  Au contraire!  There is always time for knitting socks.  It might surprise you just how much time one can squeeze out of a jam-packed day for knitting socks.  With that said, I have finished the Shur'tugal socks in about a week's time.  Ok, well maybe you will think that I cheated on this one, but they are finished. They are just a modification of the original pattern.

They are toe-less because they are pedicure socks for my mama.  You know, for when you get your toes done in the winter but it's too cold to just wear flip-flops out to the car. I've actually been thinking that they would make great flip-flop socks for the summer months, too, if they were in a lighter weight yarn.  It's a funny thing, but in the summer, with all of the very necessary air conditioning, feet sometimes get cold in flip-flops.  This is a very flip-flop oriented household.  It could be 21 degrees F. and Rocket will be in shorts and flip-flops (and have very cold feet!)  However, it's the middle of May in Georgia, mind you, and it was 44 degrees F. this morning.  So, perhaps sock weather will just continue for the rest of the year.  It's an eerie feeling that this weather has created ... not sure if I am living along the shores of Lake Michigan or if I am still in Georgia where it is usually about 95 degrees F. by this time of the year.

Regardless, my socks look great and my mama loved them for Mother's Day. This is a pattern that I can definitely recommend!


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