August 23, 2012

Under Construction

Recently, I took a look at my Harris Slouch pattern and decided that it needed some redesigning, particularly in regard to the smallest size. So, I've spent the past week undertaking the task of knitting through and reconstructing the entire pattern.  A few language changes here, a few math corrections there, and voila! Honestly, one thing I have learned from this pattern is that no matter how many times you work out the math, even if it's by tick marks on a sheet of paper, somewhere in the pattern the math won't jive and you will have to make a correction.  I think I had this issue initially because of the seamless, circular nature of the design--there is much to do about pattern repeats in 4s and so the number of stitches were tricky to predict in the final decreases.  (Don't worry.  If you purchased this pattern from me from any of the venues in which it is available, you will be receiving an awesome pattern update soon.)

I was able to talk Rocket into modeling the smallest size, and I undertook modeling the medium.

The great thing about this hat is that you can really make it as slouchy as you like by simply following the instructions to add additional pattern repeats.  The pattern looks the same no matter how much one extends the slouch.  Myself, I like more of a beret-styled hat, so I prefer a repeat less than what the instructions require.  Rocket, on the other hand, complained that the hat she was wearing needed to be about 4 inches longer and hang down to below her shoulders. Who knew that stocking caps were back in style with 3rd graders?

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