April 16, 2012

Monday Masterpiece: Hiker Chick Socks!

I finally finished the first pair of the Hiker Chick 2-at-a-time Sock pattern that I am testing for release.  You know I've been working on them, and you know that they were being knit in an exclusive new colorway, Copper Kettle, so now it's time to see them completed in all of their knitted glory!

I've already cast on for the smallest size, which I am knitting in another exclusive Zibeline Knits colorway called Little Sister. Rocket watched me cast on and asked "Um, Mom, what are you thinking about doing with those socks when you finish with them?" (insert sweet 8 year-old smile) Apparently, she has her eye on these, even though anyone will tell you that she is a flip-flop-no-socks kind of girl.  I'm taking that as a good sign for this multi, which is a combination of white, a few different pinks, and a burgundy/purple.

Remember, these colorways will be available in a few months exclusively as part of my Hiker Chick sock kits.  These colorways will not be available otherwise.  If you are interested in pre-ordering this kit in one of the three colorways that will debut, contact me and we can work out the advance details.  The final colorway option is, however, still under aesthetic consideration.

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