March 29, 2010

Nifty "Big Girl Socks"

So I absolutely love looking through vintage knitting patterns!  Usually I ooh and aah over a pattern, then I see the "size 0" or "size 1" needle requirement, and move on to the next pattern.  So many awesome vintage sweaters, but anything smaller than a 4 and my hands start to ache.  Well, I found a lot of patterns for vintage sweaters at but they also had free patterns for SOCKS!!!!. (Right now, socks are my thing.)   Anyway, the socks are a 1954 pattern titled 1954 Big Girl Socks.  I was originally looking for a pattern for a vintage fisherman's sweater, but Google took me to socks--go figure-- and these are just, well, nifty.  I am planning to finish the maple socks next week (Spring Break cometh in 4 days!), so these are next on my project list.  Wouldn't you know it, I am going to have to go yarn shopping.  I have no solid colors left in my stash, and I don't think a variegated would do the trick.  I could wait to shop until I go to the Knitting Universe convention in Marietta, GA on April 24th, but I will be done with the maple socks next week and then I will be fussing to start this pattern.  And is having a sock yarn sale with "new spring colors!", so these socks must just be fate. Who can pass up a yarn sale?  I guess that Apple Socks pattern that I found yesterday and fell in love with is going on the back burner.   So many socks to make, so little time!  And I probably should be grading some papers instead of blogging--I'm trying to feel guilty that I'm not doing my homework, but nothing's happening.  And the night is still young, and there is knitting to do.  A woman must maintain her priorities, English teacher or no.


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